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Restored 1969 Chevelle Super Sport - 396ci

1969 Chevelle Super Sport - Fully Restored - Metallic Blue

My most memorable moment in the 37 years that I have owned or been involved with this 69 Chevelle Super Sport (my Baby) was the first time I was able to start and drive the fully restored car.

After 3½ years of work repairing twenty years of hard driving, and then restoring the vehicle to its original condition, it was one of the most thrilling moments of my life when I turned the key and the 396CI engine roared to life.

This is the car that my best buddy, Tom, purchased in our last year of high school. We lived in Dayton, WA, on the edge of 3000 sq. miles of rolling farmland known as the Palouse. In the years just following high school, we covered every square inch of those miles many times. When the Chevelle finally wore out, Tom parked it in a wheat field next to his house where it remained for ten years.

1969, Quasar Blue, Chevelle SS 396 ci - In a Chromed Oval Frame Tom and I made a pact: when he was ready to sell the car, I got first chance at it. In 1991, Tom called me, we made a deal, and that very weekend I drove to Dayton, put the car on a trailer and towed it home.

Fully restored from the frame up, including over 40 ACDelco parts (everything from the alternator to the wipers), Baby has approximately 1300 hours of loving labor in the final restoration. Even the engine was professionally repainted in the original Chevy red-orange color.

I've been driving the restored car for twelve years now. Every time I remove the car cover, see the sparkling Medium Quasar Blue paint and hear the rumble of the exhaust, I still get a thrill and a bit of chill down my back. The only corner that you'll find this Baby in... is the corner of my heart.

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